AEC’s Research and Development initiatives continuously create new applications and functionality for narrow fabrics. Often working on behalf of customers who need specific types of performance, AEC draws upon its abundant selection of fibers, used with special weaving, knitting and finishing processes to provide narrow fabrics for high-performance uses. Applications range from use in many types of manufacturing to industries like mining, refining, energy, transportation and high tech.  

The R&D departments in the US and Honduras have the equipment, people and expertise to meet just about any challenge.  In the Asheboro, North Carolina (US) location our R&D is is well-connected to resources with its access to university laboratories that specialize in textiles, fiber producers and textile machine manufacturers. CAD systems linked to R&D’s five dedicated knitting machines and four looms in the US provide fast samples for evaluation. Its knitting capabilities extend to 24 bar. Perhaps R&D’s finest resource is the expertise of its five technicians with more than 85 years of combined experience.

In Honduras, AEC’s product development capabilities are amplified with CAD for knits, wovens and jacquard narrow fabrics. Skein and pressure beam dyeing, silicone coating and expanded finishing options support very sophisticated custom products.

High quality is part of every AEC product from the simplest knitted elastic to high-performance custom narrow fabrics. And AEC strives for excellence so its customers receive the narrow fabric performance that makes their products successful.

Talk with us about your specific customization requirements. AEC has a vast library of specialized products developed by our R&D team, or we can customize the right narrow fabric for your application.  

AEC’s product line includes standard and custom narrow fabrics
with these possibilities:

  • All types of fibers and colors, including metallic
  • Dye-to-match colors for full fashion dark and light color dyeing in North Carolina and Central America
  • Rotary screen printing and transfer print in North Carolina and Central America
  • Woven patterns and designs requiring jacquard looms
  • Silicone coated, moisture management, anti-static, flame retardant (FR),  antimicrobial,  stiffeners and softening finishes
  • Non-roll properties for waistbands 
  • Channeled products for precise sewing