Our History

In the mid-1980s apparel manufacturers were thriving in North Carolina and narrow fabrics played an important role in the manufacture of underwear, athletic clothing and other apparel. Asheboro Elastics Corp’s founding partners, Keith Crisco and his colleagues had extensive experience in the narrow fabrics industry and the vision to create a company that employed local people, contributed to the community and made the types of narrow fabrics apparel manufacturers needed.   

AEC launched in 1986, with its headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Asheboro, North Carolina.  By the early 2000s, founder and president, Keith Crisco transformed AEC into a family-owned company, successfully addressing core business in the apparel industry and developing narrow fabrics for new markets.

Through acquisitions and organic growth, AEC grew significantly, while embracing new manufacturing and finishing technologies. AEC’s reputation for knitted elastics expanded to include woven products and rigid narrow fabrics. New capabilities with color-matching, printing, weaving, and finishing supported customers’ branding and manufacturing initiatives. Great product development, high-quality manufacturing and outstanding service initiatives continued to expand AEC’s reputation and success. As the company grew and diversified, Keith Crisco's focus on the company, its employees and the community never wavered.

Keith Crisco's vision and his leadership on initiatives that improved the quality of life, education, employment and business opportunities in North Carolina was honored with a call to become the NC Secretary of Commerce in 2008.  As he embraced this new role, he positioned AEC with the vision, people and resources to continue to build AEC and honor the company's values of excellent products, superb service, providing a great place to work and strengthening the community.

In 2011, AEC celebrated its 25th anniversary as a significant, preferred supplier of narrow fabrics to many industries, with worldwide distribution and additional manufacturing in Central America to augment its North Carolina plants. Products support diversified markets ranging from apparel, home furnishings and medical, to automotive, industrial, recreational, military and public safety. A year later in 2012, AEC purchased Tesa Elastics in Honduras, expanding its manufacturing capabilities with a location in Central America.

By the end of 2014, AEC had acquired Narricot Industries, a respected US manufacturer of narrow fabrics for automotive, fire and safety, fall protection and industrial markets. Narricot's products effectively complemented and augmented AEC's products and production, allowing the company to provide narrow fabrics in virtually every category.

AEC continues to pursue new opportunities for growth, strategic investments in technology and new product development for different markets. With its introductions of new attributes in narrow fabrics, expansion of manufacturing and distribution to serve global markets and continual commitment to service excellence, AEC is poised for a great future.

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