From underwear and intimates to outerwear, athletic wear, hosiery, hats and shoes, AEC is supplying the narrow fabrics that hold garments in place, provide comfort, support, branding and decorative elements.

Among the products we manufacture for the apparel market:
• Cut and sewn waistbands, assembly-ready for slacks and jeans
• Decorative elastic waistbands for women, children and men’s underwear
• Shapewear elastics for women’s intimates
• Athletic apparel
• Buttonhole elastics
• Elastic with drawcords for athletic wear and sleepwear
• Silicone treated products including gripper elastic
• Suspender elastic
• Elastics for uniforms, image wear, sleepwear, and military use

Finishes available:
• Antimicrobial
• Flame retardant (FR)
• Moisture management
Soil and stain repellant
• Antistatic, grip, stiffening, and softening properties.

Jeff Crisco
Vice President
Direct: 336-308-0542

Chris Stern
Senior Account Manager
Direct: 336-683-3229

Francisco Avila
Sales Manager Central America and the Caribbean
Direct: 336-323-8010