When customers' performance requirements inspire new products, AEC draws upon our US and Central America locations R&D resources. In both locations we have the people, equipment, and expertise to address:

  • New narrow fabric applications and types of functionality
  • Fibers and fiber blends to achieve specific goals
  • Weaving and knitting techniques to meet end-use requirements
  • Specialized protective and performance finishes
  • Channeled products for precise sewing

Customers appreciate our:

  • Technicians' expertise, with more than 100 years of combined experience
  • CAD systems linked to dedicated knitting machines and  looms that provide fast samples for evaluation
  • Skein and pressure beam dyeing
  • Silicone coating and other customized performance finishes

Evolving fashion color trends and new apparel performance initiatives drive our innovation on behalf of apparel manufacturers and their customers. Stylish and comfortable apparel in the most popular colors is even more desirable when performance-based attributes are added. Among the fashion and performance attributes we address are:

  • All types of fibers and colors, including metallics
  • Anti-microbial, anti-static, flame retardant, moisture wicking, supportive and comfortable narrow fabrics  that can be dyed to matched apparel fabrics
  • Jacquard woven and rotary screen printed designs and/or logos in multiple colors
  • Protective and easy-care finishes

Share your specific customization requirements with us and let's talk about innovative options.