In the medical field, AEC’s knitted narrow fabrics have been used for decades in compression bandaging. As technologies have improved, some bandaging is now manufactured to accommodate electronic and diagnostic devices worn by patients. Knitted tapes are used under casts while broken bones heal. Now resin cast materials can be impregnated in tapes that harden in place after they are applied to the patient.

AEC’s products for medical use include:
• Compression bandages
• Orthopedic products
• Tapes for resin casts
• Therapeutic hosiery
• Placement wraps for electronic/diagnostic devices
• Incontinence products

Finishes available provide antimicrobial, flame retardant (FR), moisture management, anti-static, stiffening and softening properties.

Gifford F. Del Grande
Director – Specialty Products
Direct: 336-308-0535