AEC Narrow Fabrics Achieves ISO 9001 Certification

New Manufacturing Efficiencies and Quality Management Initiatives Benefit AEC's Customers

Asheboro, North Carolina, April 23, 2013

AEC Narrow Fabrics recently earned ISO 9001:2008 certification for its North Carolina plants after investing more than a year in an evaluation and development process that amplifies efficiencies and quality.  The Company's Quality Management System was independently assessed by an accredited registrar using criteria set by the International Organization of Standardization.  Formal notification of AEC's achievement was received in March 2013.

"This rigorous process delved into every aspect of our business, providing us with information that enabled us to advance our quality management systems." noted Robert Lawson, President of AEC Narrow Fabrics. "Throughout the process we identified and implemented operational efficiencies that are already benefitting our customers."

"High quality and solid performance are first and foremost in our customers' expectations," commented Randy Stroud, AEC Manager of Corporate Quality Assurance.  "During our ISO certification process we identified, examined and improved the processes that advantage our customers' businesses and are aligned with AEC's business objectives. Improvements will be continuous as we move forward."

AEC plans to launch the ISO 9001 certification process in its plants in El Salvador and Honduras  during the latter part of 2013. El Salvador plant manager, Leonel Preza joined AEC in 2013, with extensive experience with ISO 9001. He is already using ISO quality initiatives in Central America. "ISO certification  in all of our North American plants is the goal," said Robert Lawson.  "We will continue to evaluate and improve AEC's execution. It strengthens our business and our customers appreciate the positive impact our investments have on their performance."

 AEC Narrow Fabrics is a privately-held, narrow fabrics manufacturer with its headquarters in Asheboro, NC, manufacturing in Asheboro and Central America and worldwide distribution. Its products are used in the apparel, automotive, home furnishings, bedding, medical, military & first responder, industrial and recreational industries.