AEC Corporate Office

150 North Park Street
Asheboro, NC, USA 27203
Post Office Box 1143
Asheboro, NC, USA 27204
Phone: 336-629-2626
Fax: 336-629-3782 


AEC Sales

Jeff Crisco
Vice President
Direct: 336-308-0542 

Gifford F. Del Grande
Director – Specialty Products
Automotive, Commercial
and Industrial Markets
Direct: 336-308-0535

Jerry Stone
Regional Sales Manager
Direct: 678-485-5711

Laura Allred
Market Manager of Bedding
Direct: 336-308-4413

Morris Cooke
Seatbelt Business Manager & Technical Director
Direct:  757-654-6185

Robert Napolitano
Account Manager – Apparel, Internet Sales
Direct:  336-308-0769

Francisco Avila
Sales Manager Central America and Caribbean
Direct: 336-323-8010

AEC Asheboro, NC Customer Service

Sherry Brooks
Direct: 336-308-0706 

Marvin Garcia
Direct: 336-308-0644 

Natasha Gibson
Direct: 336-308-0655

AEC Boykins, VA Customer Service

Angela Jones
Direct: 757-654-6054

Marybeth Lauber
Boykins, Virgina Customer
Direct: 336-308-0645


AEC TESA Plant, Quimistán, Honduras Customer Service

Lesly Leal
Sales Manager Central America and Caribbean
Direct: 504-2620-3584

AEC Administrative

Terria Barrett
Direct: 336-308-0712