Performance clothing worn for exercise and athletics has undergone a transformation, becoming Ath-Leisure wear. Taking the attributes of athletic wear - comfort, performance, easy-care and appearance, Ath-Leisure clothing is essentially performance apparel that has gone mainstream. It's where fitness apparel becomes more fashionable and clothing worn for exercise becomes street wear. The growth in the Ath-Leisure apparel category has also been spurred by advances in technology, empowering many people to work "virtually" outside of office settings.  In these environments ath-leisure clothing offers an excellent combination of comfort with enough style for client or employer meetings.

AEC Narrow Fabrics creates many performance fabrics that enable Ath-Leisure wear to perform well as exercise clothing and as fashionable clothing. Among these features are: 

  • Knit and woven elastics that provide the ease to make clothing more comfortable and non-restricting, when movement is desired
  • Stretch that allows movement needed for exercise balanced with a tailored silhouette suitable for work or more formal occasions
  • Rigid and elastic narrow fabrics with performance fibers, so companies can add their logo branding in virtually any color combination
  • Light-reflecting fibers to enhance visibility and safety
  • Moisture-control fibers to wick moisture away from the skin or prevent precipitation from getting to the skin
  • Attributes that reduce shrinkage and make clothing easy to clean

When apparel and athletic gear manufacturers need to meet a new performance or appearance challenge, AEC's Research & Development department is available to address it. Let us know how we can help you achieve your requirements by Contacting Us.