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Automotive 1: Wire harnesses group and protect electrical wire and signal assemblies for the automotive, aerospace and electronics industries.

Automotive 2: Strong, heat-resistant  aramid fiber is knitted into AEC’s reinforcement substrate, used in a high-pressure hose.  This type of hose has automotive, aerospace and industrial uses.

Industrial: Boats, surfboards, vehicles and other products that need strong, lightweight surfaces rely on industrial fabrics impregnated with special resins. AEC Narrow Fabrics can create fabrics in specific widths for the product it will be used in.

Medical: Casts that protect broken bones while they’re healing often begin with AEC Narrow Fabrics’ polyester bandaging.  The medical supplier has added a resin to the fabric that softens with water and then dries to a hard finish.

Military 1: Items used with U.S. military Molle rucksacks and backpacks often have AEC Narrow fabrics’ tapes and webbing used in their construction. 

Military 2: AEC Narrow Fabrics’ ability to rotary print 4-color digital camouflage images on its tapes and webbing products advantages those who manufacture clothing and gear for military use.


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